House Concert Details

You want a House Concert


Good!  We know someone who is excited to host you!

First, we'll need to discuss all the nitty gritty - what dates are open, how many performers, space required. 

Here are some things your host needs to know to accommodate you and advertise your special brand of music:


HD (current)  Picture

Your bio long (brag on yourself!) and condensed (that we can use for promotions).

Any allergies or special needs (are you vegan? Glucose intolerant? etc...)


What we offer


A cozy, warm listening room with a friendly atmosphere.  Some great food - usually in the form of a buffet.  A bed  to stay for the night if you need it and loving people all around. We have dogs and cats, but no children living here. 

We don't have a sound system so you will need to bring your own, if you are more comfortable using one. 

When the weather is nice, we have a great outdoor "listening room".  

Day of the Concert


We respectfully ask that you arrive about 45 minutes to an hour before the Potluck begins.  This will allow you time to set-up and to do your sound check in a less hectic atmosphere.  If you are running late, the courtesy of a phone call is appreciated.